17 May 2013

Eaux Eaux Goes Into Prototype

Bathroom Innovation Award finalist Joel Roberts Eaux Eaux Sink from the 2011 competition has gone into prototype. Made from Corion, the Eaux Eaux is an all-encompassing basin inspired by oceanic form and motion. The trough acts as its catchment area, whilst its rolling crest forms its combined spout and splash...

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08 May 2013

Open Mirror By Diego Rossi & Innocenzo Rifino

This mirror has a hidden dock for an iPhone or iPod that slides out when you want to play music. That alone is handy enough, but with the Open Mirror, you can control your music playback with gestures. The sensors detect your movements, so you don't have to touch the screen.

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12 April 2013

Click & Grow

Click & Grow’s planter is ideal for those of us lacking a green thumb, but wanting to grow our own herbs. It uses a nanotech material to create a better environment for plant roots. It also has sensors to determine when the plants should be watered and a lighting system...

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