14 September 2015

Totus tap design tops the judges’ lists at BIA

Bryce Beard believes that the role of the bathroom in everyday life is about relaxation. “Bathrooms shouldn’t be overcomplicated,” he says, “otherwise they take away from that experience of relaxation.”

 bryce beard 1
Bryce Beard, BIA 2015 Student Winner

When it came to conceiving a BIA award-winning tap design, he looked to create a tap that would be the essence of simplicity in both functionality and form. “I wanted to create a minimalist open space and look, [and] create a sense of unity by combining all the functions of a tap in one,” says Bryce.

totus 1
Totus, the winning student design.

The result is Totus, a bathroom tap that takes its cues from traditional thermostats, with all the temperature adjustment functions combined into one convenient form.

Using Totus, water temperature is adjusted through the central dial. Turn the dial left for hot water, turn right for cold water. Water temperature increases or decreases as you adjust the dial further left or further right.

totus 2
How Totus works.

Once the temperature is selected, you can lower the dial to increase water flow. The added function of an LED light allows the user to visually monitor the temperature level according to colour intensity.

Recognising customisation as an important feature in contemporary design, Bryce also designed Totus in a series of Mix & Match materials and finishes.

totus 3
Users can mix and match materials with Totus.

One of Bryce’s pet design passions is exploring the way form influences certain interactions and experiences. “It was this thinking that influenced my design for the BIA,” he says.

The development of Totus included the creation of a three-dimensional model that would allow Bryce to test the schematics of the tap with users. “It involved exploring the schematics of how people use and turn a tap mixer. Asking, is it comfortable to use? Is the function and form intuitive to use?”

bryce josep
Bryce Beard with Josep Royo Vivo from Roca

As the student winner of the 2015 BIA, Bryce received a $5,000 cash prize, and a career-defining internship with the design team at Roca. The internship will take place over two weeks, at the Roca headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

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