Philippe Starck and the future of design
19 June 2015

Philippe Starck and the future of design

Philippe Starck is most prominently a creator, designer and architect, who has been at the forefront of multiple design industries for several decades. He is a leading voice when it comes to innovation and his mission revolves around a simple concept: “creation, whatever shape it takes, must make life better for the largest number of people possible”. 

Recently, Philippe sat down with Dezeen to discuss his latest project, Ether, a new range of LED lights with Italian brand Flos. The partnership already has an extensive history, with previous collaborations over the past 25 years producing such classics as the Miss Sissi bedside lamp and the Ara desk light. 

Miss Sissi by Philippe Starck for Flos dezeen 468c 0 1000x600

Miss Sissi for Flos 

This time around, the focus is on a cordless, battery powered table lamp, which according to Philippe is the way of the future when it comes to design.

"The wires will disappear," he said. "It's not possible today for every light but now for a lamp of this size and power, we can. And everything that can disappear, has to disappear."

Ether Philippe Starck Flos dezeen 468 3 1000x600

Ether collection for Flos

Continuing to champion customisable products as the end point for trend-driven design, the Ether range is customisable, with consumers able to choose their own materials and forms for the lamp.

Despite the inspiration for the Ether lamp coming from technological advances, Philippe isn’t always a fan of using this to drive design, steering away from a dependence on a screen. “You have to feel things, you have to live them," he said. "On the screen you don't feel it. You read it, you see it but you don't feel it. It's superficial."

Ether Philippe Starck Flos dezeen 468 1000x600

Ether collection for Flos

Where he sees the value in technology and design is when there is “something new to say” – in the case of Ether, there was a moral obligation for Philippe, who felt that the development of LEDs have changed energy consumption and must be considered in future designs for ecological reasons.

As for his own life, the brilliant and innovative designer happily manages to get by without a telephone or a computer.

"I have nothing," he said. "When I am in a place, I feel it. And because I feel it, I can afterwards create something and give back the result of the feeling."

You can read the full article over at Dezeen

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