People and products reign supreme at Sydney Indesign
28 August 2015

People and products reign supreme at Sydney Indesign

This year’s Sydney Indesign event was really a feast for the senses, tapping in to our emotional and creative side with playful product presentations and daring design installations.

1. ReeceBIA 2015 24 thumbnail
Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel from Zuster with Josep Royo Vivo from Roca. 

Among our many highlights was Own World in the design precinct of Darlinghurst, who teamed up with agile acrobats to test the flexibility and strength of their seating ranges.

2. FSP sid.OW 20150814 490 resized
Dance performance at Galleria.

At the Galleria exhibition space in Eveleigh, the Habitus Design Retreat hosted delectable dine-in-design meals with V-Zug; and Karndean’s ‘smell, touch and see’ timber fragrance installation with Latitude Group’s Daniel Dalla Riva was a delightful discovery.

3. FSP sid 20150813 571 resized 
Habitus Design Retreat at Galleria.

Reece also teamed up with Daniel, under his 6 Hats brand, to capture the humour, happiness and daily rituals that take place in the bathroom.

4. FSP sid.Interface 20150814 227
Roca Daily Rituals video

There were plenty of wonderful talks drawing together the industry’s thought leaders to discuss topics as diverse as wellness in the workplace and the role of materiality in interior environments.

5. FSP sid.cosentino 20150815 014 resized
Cosentino showroom LiveLife seminar series.

But when it came to exploring the bathroom, we had it covered.

6. ReeceBIA 2015 53 resized
Crowd at BIA Awards announcement at Reece Bathroom Life in Waterloo.

Click here to see the full list of exbitors and updates from the 2015 Sydney Indesign. 

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