Nucleo’s resin furniture mimics the passing of time
05 June 2015

Nucleo’s resin furniture mimics the passing of time

1000x714px Amethyst AP2o dezeen 784
Amethyst AP20

The Turin-based collective of artists has experimented with epoxy resin, which is traditionally used in industrial work, to create the series of striking stools and tables.

A great example of using old materials in new ways, the result is a stunning contrast between the natural and the artificial.

 1000x714px Souvenir of the Last Century Stool dezeen 784
Souvenir of the Last Century Stool

In creating these pieces, it’s the imperfections that the designers revel in. The natural bubbles and ruptures open the mould up to more resin being poured in, forming layers and patterns. Many of the pieces are also broken apart and put back together. The end result appears as though these structures have been uncovered from deep in the earth, with some pieces mimicking semi-precious stones.

1000x714px Quartz dezeen 784 
Quartz Stool

The designers focus on merging the old and the new, with many of the designs containing old parts of furniture, sourced from around the world. The pieces are moulded, then preserved in resin—or in the case of the Wood Fossil Table, its antique wooden legs form part of the structure itself.

1000x714px Wood Fossil Table dezeen 784 
Wood Fossil Table

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