New outdoor lantern ‘listens in’ to conversation to save energy
28 July 2015

New outdoor lantern ‘listens in’ to conversation to save energy

Japanese adventure brand Snow Peak is attempting to revolutionise the outdoor light with the latest version of the Hozuki Lantern, version 2.0.

SnowPeak HozukiLantern 2 01b 1000x600 


Inspired by the ornamental Hozuki plant, from which it gains its name, the Hozuki Lantern 2.0 has a wealth of features that creatively respond to the needs of the outdoor adventurer.

Along with a “normal” LED light mode, this version also has a Candle Mode, which mimics a flickering flame, and most impressively, an energy-saving Sleep Mode, which listens in to conversation and conserves power when the campsite goes quiet.

The lantern also reacts to its environment in another impressive way by automatically adjusting its brightness based on the size of the room its in.

Available in three nature-inspired colours (White, Moss and Bark), the lantern has a handy hanging hook, which allows it to be hung inside a tent or on a branch, which is not only functional but beautiful too.

SnowPeak HozukiLantern 2 02 1000x600

The hook can also be flipped around and used as a stand so that the lantern can sit as a tea-light candle.

SnowPeak HozukiLantern 2 05 1000x600 


The Hozuki Lantern 2.0 is an inspiring example of how to creatively improve even the simplest everyday experiences and how we will increasingly see new products reacting to their environment to become more functional.

To read more, see the full article over at Design Milk. Curious about how technology will feature in this year’s BIA designs? Our BIA winners will be announced on 15 August, so stay tuned!

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