Kartell by Laufen impresses during the Milan Furniture Fair
11 June 2015

Kartell by Laufen impresses during the Milan Furniture Fair

Launched at the Milan Furniture Fair in April, Kartell by Laufen’s first international flagship store is a beautiful sight to behold. Spread across two levels, the concept and design of the store has been carried out by renowned bathroom designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. 

Kartell by Laufen Milano Store 24 ph.Franco Chimenti 1000x667px

Combining the Swiss precision and bathroom expertise of Laufen, with Kartell’s universally adored signature style, the Kartell by Laufen range offers us a fresh vision for the bathroom that is about emotion, comfort, beauty and style.

“Kartell by Laufen to us is a harmonic collection made of exciting icons representing the perfect balance between high-tech and pure beauty,” say the Palombas. “And if Kartell by Laufen up to now has been synonymous with colour, feeing and transparency through ultra-thin ceramics, innovative materials and new technology, now Kartell by Laufen becomes architecture.”

 Kartell by Laufen Milano Store 33 ph.Franco Chimenti 1000x667px

In its new flagship showroom, Kartell by Laufen comes together through material and space. It narrates “the proportions and sensations of a place, the bathroom, now one of the most important [spaces] in the home,” say the Palombas. And it makes us truly feel and appreciate what a Kartell by Laufen bathroom might be like.

Kartell by Laufen Milano Store 28 ph.Franco Chimenti 1000x672px

The showroom, like the style of the brand, feels fresh yet ambient. Inspired by Kartell and Laufen’s iconic materials, there is a play on tactility as well as volume of space – something which we don’t always get to enjoy in the bathroom. Across two levels, visitors can wander between 12 different bathroom settings, each with its own unique personality and mood – showing us just how many options we can play with, within the Kartell by Laufen range.

Kartell by Laufen Milano Store 35 ph.Franco Chimenti 1000x667px

“This is the aim of the Kartell by Laufen showroom, to reveal the DNA of these two companies in an absolutely different way,” say the Palombas. The results of this creative collaboration, which combines the Kartell by Laufen style with space and design are most definitely inspired and memorable!

This post originally appeared on The Powder Room blog. Looking to explore the Kartell by Laufen range of bathroom products and accessories? Visit the Reece website.

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