ISH 2015: Trends from the world’s biggest bathroom fair - the bathroom experience of the future
09 April 2015

ISH 2015: Trends from the world’s biggest bathroom fair - the bathroom experience of the future

The global leaders of bathroom design recently descended on Frankfurt for the world’s largest international bathroom fair, ISH. Held biennially, the four-day event showcases the latest trends and newest developments in the bathroom space. Our team attended the 2015 instalment of this long-running fair to discover what innovations await us in the bathroom of the future.

As the bathroom continues to evolve into a true showpiece of the home, products continue to evolve with it. This year there was an evident shift towards considering the bathroom as a whole and how the products within that space interact and integrate. Natural materials also became more prominent, with stone, marble, glass and timber interweaving with the use of more traditional satin, glazed and matte materials. How we experience the bathroom on a sensory level continues to grow as an increasing number of designers presented products that integrated audio, colourful LED lights and tech-savvy features that allow you to personalise your bathing experience.

Here are the 4 key trends that defined this year’s fair:


laufen INO Nguyen 1000x600 

Fine lines appeared in tapware, baths and toilets, and were most striking when expressed in impossibly thin basin designs. Laufen’s innovative SaphirKeramik material, made from Corrundum (found in Sapphires) has incredible capabilities that allow designers like Konstantin Grcic to create basins that have delicate paper-thin, yet extremely strong walls.



The bold colours of years gone by are moving over to make way for a subtler and moodier palette of colours. At this year’s ISH fair, muted tones and natural hues were plentiful, while black, which in recent years has been gaining popularity in the bathroom space, was used sparingly or as an elegant, understated accent.


Roca Inspira Toilet 1000x600 

A new generation of toilets is on the rise, with the Roca Inspira leading the trend, with a new bidet function that offers a unique wellbeing experience thanks to its advanced, easy-to-use technology. Clever customisable features like remote control washing and drying functions, night lights and a user detection sensor are the next step in heightening the everyday bathroom experience.


 P1000890 1000x600

Designers are seeing a growing desire for individuality as consumers look for products that suit their unique needs. Bathroom designers are consequently developing concepts that allow the consumer to mix-and-match what they need from a collection, and are giving end users the ability to adapt designs to match their own homes down to a precise millimetre measurement.

We’re looking forward to the innovative products and clever thinking that will be waiting for us at ISH 2017, but in the meantime, we can’t wait to see the ground-breaking ideas that emerge in this year’s BIA.

Feeling inspired? With just under two months to go until entries close for BIA 2015, there’s plenty of time to register and get your own innovative design in before the June 1st cut-off date.



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