10 November 2014

Innovation Inspiration: Tapping into New Water Flows

Finding new solutions to old problems is one of the key design drivers for the Bathroom Innovation Award, so we couldn’t help but be impressed by this recent rethink of the design and functionality of basin tap, the Down Up.

[The Down Up tap]

[The Down Up tap]

The Down Up tap

In an interview recently featured on Dezeen, French-born designer and ECAL graduate Alice Spieser said inspiration for her Down Up tap came from seeing fellow students contorting uncomfortably to drink from taps. “A sip of water should be pleasant, and not something embarrassing,” Alice told the Dezeen team. “I decided to make it a nice gesture.”

The result was a 3D printed tap that features two spouts – one facing up, and one facing down. When the downward facing spout is covered by a fingertip, the water shoots through the upward spout, creating an easy-to-drink-from spray. When not covered, the water flows through the down spout as a normal tap.

See the Down Up tap in action

But this isn’t the first time designers have tried to make taking a sip from the tap a little less awkward. Dreamfarm’s rubber tap attachment, Tapi, is a portable (and colourful) solution while New York designers Amron Experimental created the Red Dot Design Award-winning Rinser Brush which turns the common toothbrush into a handy water fountain. Brilliant!

[The Tapi]

[the Rinser Brush]

Tap into the Tapi (left) or the Rinser Brush (right)

Have you got any brilliant bathroom design solutions? Share them with us in 2015’s Bathroom Innovation Award – details coming soon.

Images via Dezeen, Dreamfarm and Amron Experimental.

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