Happaratus Power Glove can shape wood and stone with fingertips
13 August 2015

Happaratus Power Glove can shape wood and stone with fingertips

Wanting to bring attention back to the hand as a sculpting tool, Grønning Nielsen created the Happaratus Power Glove as part of a graduating project for his Innovation Design Engineering course at the Royal College of Art in the UK.  

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The Happaratus Power Glove

Abrasive pads are attached to the thumb, forefinger and middle finger and are powered by a hydraulic motor, quickly vibrating to provide enough force to shape objects.

The pads are interchangeable and come in a variety of shapes and materials to allow the user to work with multiple surfaces – for example, stone carving would use finger pads that are more abrasive, while more detailed work would require a more delicate touch.

The motor sits on the back of the hand, through which the speed of the vibrating finger pads can be controlled.

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The Happaratus Power Glove

The designer’s aim was to provide a tool that was more accurate and controllable than what is currently available. Happaratus has answered this call, with speed, pressure and precise control combining to allow artists and designers to create smooth and delicate shapes. 

Vision of final product0 1000x600
The Happaratus Power Glove

Grønning Nielsen recently filed a patent for the design, and is hoping that it will be used not only as a tool to create, but also in conjunction with other technology, such as 3D printing.

To read more, see the full article over at Dezeen. Interested in what our local bright minds are creating? Our 2015 BIA winners announcement is a mere few days away so keep your eyes peeled for updates on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course, the BIA blog!

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