28 September 2015

Four fresh tap designs

In this year’s BIA Student Category we saw just how creative our student designers could get with tapware for the bathroom. Taking on the challenge of designing a tapware concept for the contemporary bathroom environment, student designers came up with concepts that were imaginative in aesthetic and function, as well as digitally interactive.

Here are the four top tap design concepts, named as the Finalists of the BIA Student Category.

1. Izumi resized 005
‘Izumi’ by Joshua John Rummukainen

Aiming to increase our awareness of water usage, ‘Izumi’ by Joshua John Rummukainen accentuates the beauty and preciousness of water. A custom developed nozzle creates unique twisting forms within the water, which fall like velvet on the hands – an added layer of luxury when using this thoughtfully designed tap. A touch screen interface digitally communicates temperature and flow.

2. Sandra Elliott Lineal Tapware 2 resized
‘Lineal’ by Sandra Elliott

‘Lineal’, designed by Sandra Elliott, takes a minimal and elegant approach to tapware with plated chrome and black powder coat steel detail. Water is turned on by turning the handles outwards horizontally. A narrow faucet and opening maximises water conservation by reducing water flow.

3 resized
‘Orbit’ by Anuj Kumar Dhawan

This stand-alone three-piece basin mixer, designed by Anuj Kumar Dhawan, is a centrepiece of the modern vanity. Titled ‘Orbit’, the elliptical outline and concentric circles allude to the planetary orbits. The paddle mixing system features hot and cold indicators, as well as Braille.

4 resized
‘Rucello’ by Tiffany Lanyon

Referencing urban contemporary bathroom environments, ‘Rucello’ by Tiffany Lanyon is architectural in form, and features touch-active temperature and pressure control. To activate temperature and alternate between hot and cold, users can tap anywhere around the touch-sensitive pad, which can sit parallel to the basin.

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