01 December 2014

Fold It: Past BIA Winners Join Forces to Create New Lighting Collection

We love sharing stories of our past BIA winners' design success stores, and even more so when it's a double dose. This week we take a look at what happens when two BIA winners join forces to tackle lighting design.

[Fold It Pendant Lighting Collection]

Two-time BIA professional winner and Satelight Design Director Duncan Ward recently teamed up with 2012 professional winner and Futurespace Design Director Gavin Harris to create a unique pendant lighting collection, Fold It.

With a distinct gear-teeth style shape available in square and rectangle versions, the Fold It collection uses a unique material with acoustic properties for the lampshades, making them more than just decorative feature lights.

[Fold It Pendant Lighting Collection]

According to Duncan, the collaboration was the result of a strong relationship between the companies and a long-standing desire to develop products together.

“Gavin and I have been speaking about developing different products for a while. He came up with the Fold It concept through ceiling panels and then approached me to see how the idea could be translated into light fittings,” Duncan said.

“We [Satelight] were able to tap into our expert lighting design knowledge and ultilise manufacturing techniques and facilities. Working with Gavin was a perfect fit as we both like to explore and develop new innovative concepts.”

Unique application of materials with acoustic benefits is one of the key features of the Fold It pendant lights with Gavin drawing inspiration from his work in interior textiles.

“I had designed a product for Woven Image using echo panel – used in joinery and wall linings. It was when the echo panel came in printed designs that I felt it could be used more as a product as well - that’s when a pendant range came to mind,” Gavin said.

[Fold It Pendant Lighting Collection]

According to Duncan, the new material presented initial design challenges that made the final outcome all the more satisfying.

“The material of the Fold It pendant lights is 100% PET plastic with 60% of it being recycled, aiding in reducing acoustic interference. At first, the material was quite complicated to cut and it was only after some serious testing and refinement that the design came to life. I hope the Fold It is one of many designs that we will develop together,” Duncan said.

The collection’s design reflects a function-focused design approach. “Details in products are there due to their requirement – not decoration or add. Keep the form simple and easier understood for use,” Gavin said.

“[With Fold It] I like the play of shadow on the form from different angles – also looks different with pattern fabrics. The shade also has a softness to the form [which] helps provide some acoustic process to the light.”

To see more of Gavin and Duncan’s work together on Fold It, visit Satelight.

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