DMY Berlin 2015 explores the future of design
14 July 2015

DMY Berlin 2015 explores the future of design

Having formerly occupied the space at Tempelhof airport, this year the design festival made the move to Kraftwerk Berlin – a monstrous former power station that offered over 8000 sqm of exhibition space. The theme for 2015 was Back To The Future, a brief that was answered loud and clear, based on the future friendly designs on show from over 500 interior and product designers.

Here, we take a look at some of our favourite ideas that emerged from the festival.

Black Pottery

Black Pottery 1000X600
Black Pottery by Sara de Campos

Designer Sara de Campos spent the past two years researching barro negro – a traditional Portuguese ceramic process in which pottery is fired by burying it with dirt, firewood and vegetation. The deep, dark hue is the result of the slow reducing atmosphere. The series includes different divisions within each bowl for increased functionality and experimentation.

Lana Chair

Lana chair DMY Berlin 2015 International Design 1000X600
Lana chair by Milena Romero

Mexican designer Milena Romero reinvented the Acapulco chair with her interpretation, Lana. Milena creates these eye-catching pieces by plaiting huge wool ropes together to create a crocheted cover.


Ewan Cashman 0 1000x600
Pumpal by Ewan Cashman

Designer Ewan Cashman wanted the design and structure of his standing lamp to be playful and interactive. Balanced on a top-like base, these intriguing lamps are formed from locally sourced building rubble and concrete.


Jon McTaggart1 1000x600
Artifacts by Jon McTaggart

Artifacts, a project by Jon McTaggart, is an exploration of the relationship between modern manufacturing tools and traditional materials. Jon injects resin into sand for a sort of 3D printing, but one that reacts to the imperfections naturally present in the sand particles. It is because of these imperfections that unique silhouettes are created, making us consider what possibilities exist as we look to the past for inspiration.

For more information on DMY, check out the official website and Homedit. Keen for more innovative thinking? Our BIA winners will be announced on 15 August, so stay tuned!

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