23 December 2014

Design for a Bathroom Styling Dilemma

A global design collaboration has captured the attention of the industries top design editors by solving an age-old problem: styling bathrooms of short-term and rental accommodation.

Sabi Space

A Californian product firm has teamed up with London designers to create Space, a line of bathroom products that solve the problem of renovating in short-term accommodation: bathroom accessories that are customisable, don’t break the bank, look good and are easy to install.

Designed in collaboration with California’s Sabi and London’s industrial design studio Map Project Office, Space allows users to create, add and curate their bathroom space according to their changing tastes over time.

The design stems around a universal peg, which can attach to any surface, connecting with the line’s range of mirrors, shelves, holders and accessories for the bathroom.

Sabi Space

Design by collaboration

Sabi first caught the attention of the design community with Thrive, a collaboration with Yves Behar in a series of ergonomic pill organisers and accessories. They then teamed up with Danish designer Rie Nørregaard to create Roam, a range of colourful, fun canes and walking accessories targeted at the aged market.

Following the success of Thrive and Roam, Sabi reached out again to the design community, this time London’s Map Project Office, to discuss a modern problem for both young and old: renovating the bathroom.

MAP, known for their ‘Informed Creativity’ approach, use research to inform highly innovative designs, working with innovation led clients such as Google, Virgin and London’s Science Museum.

Addressing bathroom limitations

What makes this design collaboration so intriguing is both the design and manufacturing team took the time to understand the challenges many design-led and creatively inspired home dwellers face.

Sabi Space

In an interview with WIRED Magazine, Sabi founder Assaf Wand said that while the line of accessories were created to make it easy for all users, young and old, to install, the range actually addressed a larger problem people faced: creating a new look in their bathroom, without the financial investment or installation ‘know how’.

MAP says research informed their approach for this project. “Through research we identified the problems that users commonly faced, particularly in rented accommodation, and how better design could meet their needs.”

During the research phase, Sabi says they struggled to find well designed and easy to install options for the bathroom, particularly for rental and short-term accommodation dwellers. Says the company, “things like towel racks, mirrors, and shelves are prohibitively expensive; come in the same old tired styles and materials; require professional installation; and are not built adaptively, to meet real organization and storage challenges.”

Sabi future plans

Space is Sabi’s third product line release, recently capturing the attention of the press at ICFF (the North America global design fair), winning the Editors Choice Kitchen and Bath 2014 Award.

The company says it is always open to new collaborations. “Each is designed to bring maximum simplicity, ease of use, elegance, and joy to the everyday moments in life. That’s what Sabi is all about – improving day-to-day life, by design. We love seeing people use products they really enjoy, and we intend to keep making them.”

Check out the full range here.

Images courtesy MAP

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