Celebrating 10 years of BIA
30 April 2015

Celebrating 10 years of BIA

The Bathroom Innovation Award has been at the forefront of creative thinking for a decade now, with several of our past finalists and winners finding great success after entering the competition. This week, we take a moment to reflect on the innovative entries of our past as this year’s exciting submissions trickle through.

Duncan Ward

Our first-ever professional winner, Duncan Ward, took out the 2005 prize for his entry, the Halo showerhead. Ingeniously designed so that the water was redirected to increase the diameter of the droplets, the effect was one of being submerged in a bath while standing in the shower.

The Halo Shower by Duncan Ward 1000x600
Duncan Ward’s 2005 winning entry, Halo

This BIA win didn’t just get Duncan the cash prize. His innovative product was recognised by the wider design industry, particularly Phoenix Tapware, who quickly snapped up the concept and put it into production. It was subsequently sold in Reece stores nationwide, proving that the BIA has more to offer our winners than meets the eye. 

Joel Roberts

A finalist in 2011, Joel Roberts merged form with function in his design, the Eaux Eaux basin. The beautiful, all-in-one design came complete with a spout, catchment area and splashback, in a stunning silhouette that mimicked ocean waves. 

Eaux Eaux Joel Roberts 1 800x800
The Eaux Eaux basin, by 2011 finalist Joel Roberts

Joel also found success with manufacturers post-BIA, with a Romanian based company keen to bring his design to life.

ShanShan Wang

Our 2012 student winner wowed our judges with her inspired tapware concept, Koeda. By abandoning the ingrained movement of up and down for on and off, and side to side for temperature control, ShanShan completely redefined the tapware experience.

BIA2012 Student Winner ShanShan Wang 1000x600
2012 student winner Shan Shan Wang’s concept, Koeda

Koeda used a dial control to dictate water temperature and pressure. In-built LED lights changed from light blue to dark red to indicate temperature, while a bump in the faucet was designed to minimise splashing—a thoughtful addition to the concept.

ShanShan got the opportunity of a lifetime when her winning design was picked up for production in two varieties – an electrical and non-electrical option.  

Looking to make your mark on the design industry like our past entrants? If you haven’t yet begun your design, you still have one month to enter as the competition closes on Monday 1 June. 

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