01 August 2014

Bringing the Splendour of the Ocean to the Interior: The Abyss Table by Duffy London

We continue to be inspired by the work coming out of design studio Duffy London, with the gravity defying Megalith Table and now the awe-inspiring Abyss Table.

Abyss Table

Abyss Table

Taking us into the dark depths of the sea, designer Christopher Duffy’s dramatic coffee table introduces the splendor of the ocean to the home with a unique piece of furniture that will render most speechless.

Redefining the traditional coffee table, it’s through layers of wood and glass that The Abyss Table transcends into a mesmerising cross section of the ocean, showing varying depths. A full year in the making, the design team spent hours experimenting with sculptured glass, Perspex and wood to achieve a three dimensional model that displayed a captivating abyss, mimicking the geological wonder that is the sea.

As much a conversational piece as it is functional, only 25 editions of The Abyss Table are on offer, each costing almost £6,000.

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Abyss Table

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