25 September 2015

BIA’s Professional Finalists design tapware for the future

Tasked with designing a tapware concept for the contemporary bathroom environment, entrants into the 2015 BIA drew on key qualities of sustainability, technology, new functionality and sculptural form to bring their design visions to life.

The results are exciting and give us a sneak peek into just where tapware may be going in the future.

Here are the four stand-out tap design concepts named as the Finalists of the BIA Professional Category.

1. Orca 1000x600
‘Orca’ by Kerry Fyfe

Kerry Fyfe’s ‘Orca’ tap design integrates clean, simple lines with a sculpted, organic form. Cleverly integrated technology allows the user to activate the tap using touch or sensor operation. BIA Judge, Amanda Stanaway, described ‘Orca’ as a “technologically savvy and streamlined” tap which had “simplified the tap system” while aiming for superior functionality.

2. Dark 1000x600
‘Nimbeon’ by Anara Mailybayeva 

A beautiful waterfall effect defines ‘Nimbeon’ by Anara Bailybayeva, who has designed this unique tap with an opening on the internal curved surface of the spout. The result is a cascade of water that is both captivating but also functional. Hot and cold water is mixed before entering the spout, and delivered via slimline water-tight channels within the faucet’s walls. 

3. Strumento 1000x600 3. STRUMENTO 01 marcelsigel 1000x600 
‘Strumento’ basin mixer by Marcel Sigel

Meaning ‘tool’ in Italian, ‘Strumento’ by Marcel Sigel takes its cues from the utilitarian nature of these objects, resulting in a distinct aesthetic that’s functional and highly graphic. An integrated surface option provides useful space for storing small items, the surface material coming in attractive options such as sandstone, marble, concrete or wood. The concept can be translated across a series of accessories including towel rails, shelving and vessels.

‘Ledge’ by Robert Davidov

Robert Davidov’s ‘Ledge’ concept allows users to integrate their soap or detergent into this smooth, sleek tap design, freeing up bench space for a minimalist aesthetic in the bathroom.

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