BIA 2015 Professional winner wild about design
21 September 2015

BIA 2015 Professional winner wild about design

This year’s standard of BIA entries was higher than ever, with a variety of innovative designs being submitted across both the Professional and Student categories. But the clear winner in the Professional category this year was Michael Wilds and his tapware design, Incline.

Incline reflects Michael’s belief that the role of the bathroom is to provide a warm, personal atmosphere that makes everyday tasks simple and effortless.

The main idea behind the designwas to create a sculptural yet functional product for the bathroom that aims to promote sustainable water use.

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Michael Wilds with his winning design, Incline. 

According to Michael, sustainability should be a key feature in all bathroom designs. Incline addresses this by displaying a timed tap feature and visual countdown element allowing users to monitor their water use through time.

“Users are more conscious of time as they use water and the visual cue of the countdown encourages users to complete water tasks more efficiently and thoughtfully, without taking away from the design ascetics, ” said Michael.

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Incline - sculptural and functional

As part of his career-defining BIA prize package, Michael received a cheque for $10,000 and had his design prototyped by Italy’s largest tapware manufacturer, Nobilli.

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Michael receiving his winning cheque from BIA 2015 Judge Shaynna Blaze

We’re looking forward to following Michael’s journey and seeing what he comes up with next. Congratulations, Michael, on a winning effort!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more on our Student winner and finalist designs. 

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