08 August 2014

Animal Instincts: A Reading Space of Abstract Animal Figures

Graduate industrial designer Roee Magdassi of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem has developed a collection of furnishings called ‘tre’ comprising a table, lamp and chair mimicking the shapes of wild animals to provide a unique reading environment.

Drawing inspiration from the morphology of numerous wild creatures, Roee applied a process of abstraction and reduction of animal figures, until they almost vanished, leaving only the being, expressed by a few strokes or a single color stain.

With sketches featuring ostriches, giraffes and flamingos, each animal was then simplified into basic geometric shapes that could be applied to pieces of furniture, as is evident in the ‘tre’ set.

Animal figures

With its appearance changing at different angles, the table’s design, featuring a solid oak top with a red-orange colour accent emulates that of a crouching leopard, poised to pounce on its prey.

Crouching leopard coffee table

Metaphorically representing a giraffe grazing through a safari the lamp’s eye catching angular base enables two different lighting positions: strong and focused, or gentle, combined with the ability to adjust brightness through a touch of the metal frame.

Giraffe lamp

Influenced by the bold upper bodies of bears and gorillas, the chair, with its striking black fabric and rounded wooden legs displays two laser-cut steel buttons as eyes, imitating the ‘face’ of the beast.

Bear chair

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