21 October 2014

A Look at Our 2014 Finalists: Daniel So and Joshua Flowers

You already know the big winners from this year’s bathroom innovation award but we can’t forget the impressive designs submitted by all our finalists.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a closer look at all the 2014 finalists and their BIA designs, starting with professional finalist Daniela So and student finalist Joshua Flowers.

Daniel So
2014 BIA Professional Finalist


[Ora by Daniel So]

Daniel’s BIA finalist design, Ora, was inspired by his study of design for small homes and a desire tO challenge his design skills in new ways. The Sydney-based industrial designer, currently working as a senior designer at the award-winning Hub Street Equipment, said he loved that this year’s brief called on designers to rethink a piece that “is really at the core of every bathroom”.

“The role of the bathroom is changing and its role in the home is more important than ever so I was really pleased to have a hand in designing a product to support this trend,” he said.

The result was Ora, a minimalist wall mounted vanity which seeks to eliminate clutter wherever possible, and integrates the often unsightly soap dispenser into the unit. The accompanying occasional furniture was designed to complement the shape, form and simplicity that Ora sets out to achieve.

Driven to pursue a career in industrial design by his lifelong love of creative pursuits as well as his interest in technical elements of how things work, Daniel says gets “great satisfaction out of being able to tap into these skills to great something tangible”. Of his BIA design experience, Daniel said he most appreciated the creative freedom granted by the competition. “There are fewer constraints when you’re not designing for someone else…It also gives you a freedom to do things that haven’t been done before.”

Our thoughts exactly. Congratulations Daniel, and we hope to see more BIA designs from you in 2015.

Joshua Flowers
2014 BIA Student Finalist


[Horizon by Joshua Flowers]

The old saying ‘the third time is the charm’ seems to hold true for University of New South Wales student Joshua Flowers whose 2014 finalist entry was actually the third concept he’d developed for the competition. Unhappy with his first two attempts, it was intuition and exploration of the perfect bathroom that led to Horizon.

The former communications professional turned industrial designer-in-the-making said he sought to balance the functional and emotional aspects of the bathroom in his design. “The bathroom is becoming more sophisticated from a design point of view. It’s a utilitarian space but it’s also a space where we reflect on ourselves – where we literally look at ourselves in the mirror. And it’s also a space where we can vulnerable. A space like this should support you in those moments.”

Joshua’s clean and direct BIA design reflects this, retaining warmth and tactility through the combination and contrast of black finished metal, porcelain, wood and Tyvek.

He says the BIA provides a great training ground for up-and-coming designers wanting to make their mark on the industry. “It helps push them to develop their skills and showcase their ability to the wider audience – it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

Showcasing new talent is one of the key drivers for the BIA so we love seeing such driven designers getting involved.

Visit our finalists page for more details about all the 2014 BIA finalists as well as past years’ winners and finalist designs.

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